Super 85 is your personal gas attendant app for refilling with E85 bioethanol fuel.

    Set the percentage of ethanol you want in your fuel and Super 85 will tell you how much of each fuel you need to get the right mix.
    Set your own fuel prices to find out how much you save when filling up with ethanol and keep track of your fuel stops.
    Bioethanol is already used in many vehicles. Check with your garage to find out if your vehicle is compatible. If your vehicle can't use ethanol you can still use Super 85 to keep track of your fuel budget.

E85 fuel mixer

Add E85 bioethanol fuel to your regular petrol/gas and adjust the mix to your needs. 

Fuel stop history

Track your fuel stops with detail. Fuel stop history can be filtered and sorted.

Multiple vehicles

Multiple vehicles can be setup each with its own characteristics and fuel stop history.
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