✋ Greetings,

If you have reached this about page I thank you in advance for your interest, please keep on reading 😄

I’ve been living with tech since a young age but was fortunate (in the sense of living before mainstream computing) to be born and raised at a time of relatively low tech among common society. Televisions were small, telephones had wires, games were mostly played on boards and the internet didn’t exist in your normal household.

One of my first encounters with modern tech was when my parents borrowed from school a Valiant Turtle and an IBM PC. It was my first experience with the command line and computer programming.

Fast forward and today I work in IT as a software specialist. I take care of business applications most of which are developed for use on the web. On my spare time I like to research, evaluate, hack and repair tech related things. I’ve also been developing mobile apps in Swift for Apple platforms.

Thanks again for reading, if you’re interested in the same kind of stuff and want to get in touch drop me a message.