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👋 Hello,

I’m William. I’ve been wanting to write and share online for a while and finally got round to researching what method seemed good for me, so here I am introducing myself on my brand spanking new blog 😅

Having previously tried Twitter(X) then Mastodon but also Medium and recently I always felt I was missing out on being able to easily write longer posts or having the proper tools to customize a personal blog website. For me WordPress feels better for those use cases but will need a bit of extra work in order to crosspost to social networks and connect with communities there.

As for myself I’m a regular guy with a family, a home, a car and a job. I work in IT 1 and have always been dabbling in tech, you can read my about page for more background. I’ll hopefully be posting here on a regular basis about tech related things but also everyday stuff: photos, life hacks, rants, etc …

Living in Normandy, France and fluent in French I will try to cater for « frenchies » and propose my posts in both Shakespeare’s and Moliere’s languages.

This blog uses the WordPress CMS 2 so many thanks to the team at Automattic and all the contributors on their work with this major open source project. For running a blog WordPress is a no brainer !

Thanks for reading

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